Keeping you posted

This post is just a little update to keep you all posted.

As our little one is growing i more and more feel the consequences of my pregnancy. I experience more and more cramps and baby-kicking of course and i need to sit down regurlaly. Frequent headaches are my share too. Hmmm don't you love being pregnant.....

Last tuesday we planned to go to a Ball Masqué for which our sister Emma had bought as tickets. In the morning Annemie showed me Her outfit giving me an idea of what to look for myself. Since She wanted to be the diva of the night i simply had to buy something very nice to support Her appearence.

We would meet at nine PM (GMT+1 that is), but as the evening passed by it came clear that Eva, Tasja and myself had to go without our partners since neither of them was there :-(.
Eva wanted to open the ball dancing with me which, of course, i accepted gladly but at the same time feeling sorry for Tasja. She did not have a dance-partner. After a few dances i told Eva she should dance with Tasja. This mommy to be could give herself and her swollen ankles rest. I ended up in one of the thrones for the rest of the evening.

I saved the most important part of this post for last. We have a virus wandering around in our family: the virus of love *giggles*.
After Annemie proposing to me and us getting married together with my sisters Eva and Emma, Tasja asked Amanda to become partners. Under influence of this virus Amanda said "yes". They will be getting married as well. Isn't that lovely? Congrats sisters!