Mea culpa......

I do apologize to Y/you all for not having posted for such a long time. Although, as i see it, i do have good reasons and i will take full responsability.
No, no, no don't run All of You to my Mistress offering to punish me. She will not lent me out to You *giggles nervously*.

I have been (kept) so busy, that i simply did not have the time to edit the pics i have taken and write something to go with it. Be prepared: some dozens of pics will be posted in the next few posts.
Beside the normal daily stuff that keeps one busy, i mainly had three things preventing me from doing anything else:

1 my pregnancy
2 the weddingpreparations
3 some new land

Sunday, March 1st

Today we had our second appointment sceduled in the clinic of Dr. Tracee. A general check up of myself as well as a check up of the fetal heartrate. The outcome was, that i am in excellent shape: i gained weight 1 kg (now being 59 kg), my bloodpressure was 115/79, temperature 37,1 °C and for the first time we heared the heart of our little one, that was soooo wonderfull!!
Especially since her heartrate was a great 142!
I would like to ask you to have a good look at the second pic: in the background you can see how my Life tries to look very relaxed, failing completely of course *giggles*.

Later that day we started with the first visible preparations of our weddings: we set up the church on the land Miss O had prepared for it. The church is huge, as i already knew and so beautifull...
I did not take pics of the church before we decorated it, so you will have to do with some decoration *smiles*.

Monday, March 2nd

My Life and i had been talking about having a little land of our own, just for the two of us. Our room in the lighthouse is not too big; we really love it since it is very cozy but we don't have much space. The bed is almost as big as the room.
So one day, sitting on my musing spot in the backyard i noticed some land being for sale. I told Annemie about it and we phantasized about buying it. We figured it would cause too much commotion in the family, so we decided not to buy it.
But i could not really let it go and suddenly it struck me: what if i would buy the land and make it a place where we could all go in memory of Annemie, later....
I suggested that to my Life and she was immediately enthusiastic. So i bought the land and created a group to be owner of that land. The group, of course, has the same name as the land:

Annemarie Niekerk Memorial Grounds

The idea was to let my Life create her atmosphere on this piece of land, clearly recognizable as Annemarie Niekerk's.
My Life could not be stopped from that point on and she wanted to start working on her land right away.

We went looking for a small house; she wanted a tiki-style or a cottage. In one of the shops we saw a very nice cottage which we bought. Annemie immediately started the construction works. This, together with the preparations for the wedding and of course my Life herself kept me more than busy for the weeks to come.

Decorating the church was hard work; fortunately Mistress understood that and told me to be naked at all times when being in the church. Ain't She sweet?

The following days i was fully occupied by my Life; either i was with her (of for her) working on the Memorial Grounds or i was working in the church decorating it for the weddings. In between i was being pregnant and shopping for stuff for the new land, more decorations or helping a sister with her bridal shopping, making considerable progress in all areas: little Annemiek was growing steadily causing my tummy to get bigger, we created a rose garden and the church was looking better and better.