Nothing much going on

My Life, being my Mistress came up with a little assigment. You may say "ooohhh, is that all?", but i can assure you being pregnant in the stage i am in, it was hard enough.
So what was it that She wanted me to do? I had to dress sexy, go to a D/s cub and dance with my big belly with two Mistresses. Where is the hard part in that i hear you ask yourself? I will tell you. Since the clothes in SL are not made of stretchmaterial it is very hard to find sexy clothes, that do not look ridiculous, that do not disappear ni my belly. THAT is the hard part. But, i think i found something that you can call sexy and i did find some Mistresses who were willing to dance with me.

The last days there is not much going on. My Life is paying the price for her excitement, her stress as she is going through a down-period. Of course it is not only the stress, although that is not good for her. It is the tumor growing and demanding its place in her brain. This appears not to happen gradually, but with little shocks causing a period of bad days on her part.
In these periods she is only little online, just enough to tell me how much she loves me and to be with me for a little while. When she is we don't talk all that much, just enjoy eachothers presence. Trying to comfort her.
Her not being there makes SL an empty place......

After she left i took some pics of my constantly expanding belly. When my Life is around i feel pretty with my big belly; when she is not i just feel whale-ish. I know how much she adores my belly, so these pics are for her, for my Life. Love you so much honey.