Preparation for delivery

Today, sunday March 22nd i had an appointment in the maternity clinic. During the whole visit i had an uneasy, an empty feeling: my Life was hospialized in RL and therefore not able to go with me. Fortunately my sister Amanda accompanied me, but i had quite a bit of persuading to do to get her to say yes (winks).
Apart from the routine check up (bloodpressure excellent, temperature perfect, weight +3 kg !!!! ) i was sceduled for a visit to the delivery suites.

The clinic has four suites, one of which is under water. I had to choose the suite i want to deliver in. A task i did not like too much all by myself, without my Life with me. I had help though.
Not only did Amanda choose the same suite as i did, my Life had come online in MSN to provide moral support and was able to tell me her wishes.
I will show you all four suites; the order is determined by their names: Suite #1, Suite #2, Suite #3 and Suite #4 *smiles*
I won't tell you which one i choose; of course i did tell my Life.