Concerning news

One remark before i let you get to my post as i wrote it originally:
i had this post ready for quite some time, but did not want to post it earlier, since i was not able to inform all of my sisters. I do not want them to be informed about familymatters over my blog.
This means that the posts that followed wear not published either for the same obvious reasons and, of course, to not mess up the chronological sequence.

Last thursday i received a message that my Life was hospitalized again. I could not post this information before i had talked to my sisters, that is why i held it back untill now.
She probably has had a hemorrhage and her PA had alarmed the emergency services. She was found unconscious.
It is really serious this time; she is in a coma although her vital signs seem to be stabilized and she still has good brain activity.

Miss O offered me some moments of comfort; the rest of the weekend i wandered around SL, but mostly i sat staring, empty headed at one of my musing spots or thinking back at recent moments, golden or black as ink.....