Sunday, March 29th 2009

Today, sunday March 29th, i was sceduled for the last vist before my delivery is due somewhere next week. It was a special visit, since i would be having my Lamaze Class, my introduction on how the day of my delivery will be and things i have to pay attention to.

There was something else that made it special: i was there all alone. For the first time during my pregnancy i was on my own. To say the least, it wasn't nice....
My beloved wife Annemie, my Life as i use to call her (the only correct way to adress her, since she is my life), still is in a coma This made things even harder for me.
No need to say i felt empty, as filled as i am at the moment. My world simply does not turn without Her. I cried without shedding tears during my visit.
My check up showed, that i am (physically) in a perfect condition: i gained another 2 kg, and my bloodpressure and temperature are excellent. The small rise in temperature is quite normal in this stage of the pregnancy, as is the frequent kicking of that precious little one inside me.
After the check up i was instructed on the delivery and the doctor gave me a form to fill out, so that the names of both parents and child will be entered correctly in the Birth Certificate.

Afterwards i returned home and could not bring myself to do anything; i just stood there in the garden with my emotions running up and down my body, feeling so terribly lonely.

Fortunatelly Miss O was there several times, although for short periods and at those moments She supported me as much as She could. Here we were standing at the church, that i would remove the next day. the church in which we had much happier times only recently.