Tuesday already

Yesterday i removed the church in which my Life and i got married. With Her in a coma i am lost in SL and there is nothing that i felt like doing. Not even shopping.
Since we needed the place to prepare it for the upcoming wedding of my sisters Tasja and Amanda i figured i just as good could remove the old stuff and make way. So i did.
In the evening Tasja rezzed the church in which she and Amanda are going to get married and after that i banned her from the property *grins*. No need for her to see what it will look like before the wedding.

In the evening Miss O was online as well as Eva and Tasja and She tp-ed me to a very small, sandy island. At some point a turtle turned up and Miss O could not resist swimming with the animal. She was so eager to do this, that She forgot to take off her shoes and ruined them........

I was not really able to share the fun, but to my utmost surprise and sheer happiness i received a message that my Life had woken up from Her coma. Of course She still is very, very weak, but at least She is awake. Let's hope She will regain Her old strength and be there for me/ for us as long as possible.
I was able to hold on to Tasja, who wanted to go to bed so i could bring her the good news and give her some happy dreaming to do. Eva and Miss O still were there (of course) and i could tell them too. No need to say they were happy too.