No posts for quite some time

It has been long since i posted last. The reason for that is quite simple: nothing to tell. Without my Life my second life is very lonely and what i really did was being worried about Her.
Although, there was one other little thing, that kept me going: it appeared i had some sisters who had the idea to get married and i had offered them to plan their wedding.

She had woken up, yes, but the hemorrhage had done damage to her left upperbody; a news that was cause for concern. Furthermore She was (and still is) very weak and She did not regain Her strength very quickly.
At last, the news came that She would be allowed to leave the hospital and return home. With some delay that happened sunday April 12th. Only a few days before that very important event, that was waiting for us.
Being reunited with Her was such a glorious feeling....
By the way, i had done something else during Her absence: i had bought Her a little present. A tiny thing to let Her know i love Her so much.

Of course we hugged lots and my Life wanted to rest Her head on my belly, filled with another life. A moment of cruel awareness actually: it made me realize our current situation: an ending life together with a new life.......

A few days later i had another surprise for my Life: i know She loves dogs, so i got Her a puppy. She called her electra and she is adorable, especially since she brings so much joy and hapiness to my Life.

I want to close this post with a picture of my new self. New that is to say, i have had some subtile plastic surgery about two weeks ago. Apparently it healed very quickly since nobody has noticed the changes in my face. A good doctor is worth a great deal *smiles*.

The next post will be a photopost about the wedding of my sisters Tasja and Amanda. I do need to sort out and edit a the pics (i took over 300!), so that may take a some time. Further delay may be caused by my delivery, which is due any day now. So that is a reason for me to hurry a little and to see whether i can finish the wedding-post before that.