A big day - wednesday April 15th 2009

Today my dear sisters Tasja and Amanda we to be married.
I have had the good (?) fortune *giggles* to be allowed to plan their wedding. I will not say to much about it all, but let the pictures tell the story.
My sisters wanted to get married in a small church, so i set that up as i told you in an earlier post. The party afterwards was planned in our own backyard. That would be big enough, since they expressed their wish to have a small guestlist. One person on that list should be mentionned here, since it was far from sure She would be able to make it and i think noone is offended when i say She was the most important guest: of course i am referring to my wife and Mistress, the head of our family: Annemarie Niekerk.

What nobody knew, except for me (of course), was that Tasja had a little extra surprise for her wife: a little boattrip with a boat called "Navygirl - Ozland". With that they arrived at the partyground where they were welcomed by their guests.
I was more tense up front then for my own wedding, hoping the girls would like what i had created for them. I think i can safely say they did *big smile*.
To my utmost surprise they did have a surprise for me too; totally unnecessairy of course, but very much appreciated. Thanks my loves and congrats again to the both of you!!

So, i have said enough, here are the pics. Don't complain about the quantity; there are only 25 in here. remember, i took over 300.