The day(s) after.........

Nothing much happened actually since Miekje's birth, except being busy with our little princess . My sisters have seen more of her and even were able to hold her as this picture of my beloved sister Tasja shows.

This second photo i send to my Life, better even, to her nurse, with who i do talk frequently either by email or chat. She had the pic printed out and framed and put it at Annemie's bedside so she would see it when she woke up.

This brings me to a sad issue, a very sad one actually. It looks as if my Life is not able to regain her strength and in fact is getting worse little by little. I will not share details with you all, but the future does not look too bright *fights back her tears*.
I know she wants so much to make it to the summer, but for now i just hope she will be able to enjoy a lovely spring as much as possible.

So i have a request to all of you out there: email her from time to time; let her know she is in your thoughts. She loves that. If you don't have her emailadres, please use mine. I will forward your message to her.