An average day.....

In this post i want to share with you an average day in SL. In between i did some shopping and a little building for a friend of the family, Miss O.

An update on my girl

This post will not be very long. I received an update on my beloved Annemie: she is hospitalized and taken into isolation, since the tests showed it wasn't her cancer that caused the problems, but a viral infection. Curable but therefore not any better. I will have to wait and see how long this is going to take.


My wife, my Life, is not getting any better in fact her condition is worse than ever before. She not only tells me about it, but one can easily tell by her online times. She comes online only once a day and for a very short while. She does not come online on the times she used to be here, times that we can spend together, times that are pretty inconvenient for her, times she used to come only for me. The fact she is not able to do so, is not a good sign so i am relieved she is going to the hospital tomorrow to have this problem checked out.

Today she only came in my evening and it was nice for them that most of my sisters were there, so they could hug Annemie and talk to her. After a while, when all had her turn and she had the time to talk to me, i told her that i set up the babyroom.
No need to ask if she cared to see it... *smiles*. So i took her upstairs to the towerroom, where our little precious one was sleeping in her crib.

My sister Tasja misses her new bride Amanda very much. They agreed on a little ritual to feel somewhat together during Amanda's absence: every night they drink coffee "together". Amanda in the place where she is and Tasja set up a small coffee-table in the livingroom at home.
Isn't that soooo sweet? I hope the time will fly for you both!

Hmmm, i almost forgot: i put up a "don't disturb-sign on the babyroomdoor, please respect that and do not wake up little Miekje.