May 7th already

There is nothing much to tell really, but i don't want you all out there to think i don't exist anymore *smiles softly*.

It has been quite some time now that my Life is hospitalized. The word is that she seems to be improving very slowly. Phycially that is. She still is being kept in isolation. Emotionally she is not doing alll that good. I am told she misses me incredibly.
I miss her too; very much so.

Fortunately we can exchange messages via our "middleman", but it would be a good thing if she could get her laptop so we can talk with eachother again.
A nice pair we are, she lying in isolation, all alone being bored and me in SL all alone too.
Of course there is little Annemiek, but besides feeding her and changing her diapers she still sleeps most of the day.
Of course there are people that say they love me and say they do not want me to be alone etc. But, when being honest, they too cannot get around admitting that there is a difference between what they say/ feel and what is daily (Second) Life. Either they are too busy with others/ other things or they are too little online to make a difference.
Eitherway i am alone most of my online time and i think it is wise for me to review my options, which of course i have been doing now for some time, since this situation isn't quite new. I am not sure what to do with my life in here, but one thing is: i need to find myself things to do, things i can do on my own, since i am the only one that is always there for me. If not i'd better cut on my online times.
Hmmm, this part has grown too long again. Sorry about that. I just wanted to tell you about my Life, my Annemie and i wanted to tell you i have been busy building a few cottages for Miss O. Miss O has the plan the set up a small series of cottages on her land, a sort of small subby-village. She will use them to provide a home, a shelter, for subbies that got lost to recuperate and for newbies to provide them with a good and solide starting point.
If i understood her correctly, the girls (yes girls only) are allowed to stay two months for free. After that period they should be able to spread their wings (again) and go their way in SL. Should they like it that much, that they want to stay longer they can rent the place.