Yes, i still am there

It has been a long time since my last post. There are several reasons for that.
I don't think you are waiting for my sad stories. Of course i can post regurlaly letting you all know that my Life is getting sicker and sicker, sharing with you how lonely i am most of my days; especially the days that my friends Amanda and Tasja are not around, which was quite often lately due to all sorts of holidays and some happy RL developments in Amanda's RL.
Another reason is, that i have been rather busy (and not only by choice) building. I need to find things to keep myself busy. If i do not i'd better leave SL and do something meaningfull in that other life. Problem with hobbies like building and photography is, that they are nice things to do when you do them feeling like doing it. When doing them to fight the alternative: being lonely they suddenly are not all that nice anymore.
And finally i am under the impression, that my blog is not read anymore, so i wonder for whom i am posting and putting in all that effort editting my pics, trying to write nice lines.

So much for explaining why i do not post as often and quickly as i used to do.

Are there nice things to in my SL? Oh yes, certainly. I am fortunate enough to see my Life still quite often, although (as you can imagine) She is not able anymore to be online as much as She used to be. I enjoy every second i am with Her, trying to engrave all of those moments into my memory. For later....

We dance, we visit concerts, we spend time with our precious little one, we talk, we cuddle, we comfort eachother, we hug, we laugh and cry together, we talk about the future.

And sometimes, when She is having a really good day the Mistress in Her arises and God do i love those moments. I cherish them: since they have become rather scarce i value them more than ever. Like the mindfuck She played on me on the wedding of our friend Moni.
We were invited to this wedding and the dresscode was long. At some point we talked about what to wear and my Life fitted some dresses and made her choice. Being the good girl that i am, i asked Her what She wanted me to wear so it would match Her outfit in the best possible way.

Her answer:

Of course i reminded Her that the dresscode was "long" and She replied: well you are wearing long earrings and in my opinion your heels are quite long too. So this is how i was lead to believe i was going to attend Moni's wedding:

To say the least i wasn't very pleased with the thought of going there "dressed" like this. I protested for what i was worth, but apparently that did not impress Her. So there was nothing else left for me than to obey Her. The day came and having fought the battle in my mind i found i lost; not only by (again) accepting She was the one to decide, but also acknowledging She knows me so well; i lost to myself. I wanted to go to the wedding naked being seen by all the other, elegantly dressed, guests. That little (mwah) exhibitionist in me had won again. Did i say "i wanted"? Hmm, that's not quite true, i really longed for it. And the closer the wedding came the more i felt my peace. So, when She told me to put on a dress for the wedding, about 10 minutes before we were supposed to go there, i actually was disappointed. Although i love wearing pretty clothes, i was disappointed. I wonder what that makes me........

The wedding itself was lovely and i hope Moni and her wife and Mistress will have a wonderfull life together. No need to say, that witnessing the ceremony gave me several "mixed feelings moments".

A few days later my owner told me to put on some nice, half cupped, lingerie and the (sky) high heels i wore before. Half cupped since She could hang some nice weights on my nipples. Well "nice", that is to say, She liked it. My nips did not (totally) agree.
Dressed like this She took me to a well known D/s place where She had me dancing for Her and A/all present.
Afterwards W/we went home and relaxed a little, enjoying eachothers presence.