Yes, i am still here (part 2)

Some weeks ago i did a post with this very same title. Since then there have been major changes in my world. I guess you all know (of) earthquakes. Well, they are children's playtoys compared to this. At least for me and my sisters.
As you noticed i added (part 2). Of course there is a reason i wrote that. My wife, my Life has gotten so sick, that any day now could be her last day with us. She already has said goodbye to my sisters and to her closest friends and she messages me every single day, telling me "i am still here".
i really don't know what more to say here. It destroys me to see her being destroyed by that awfull illness, a woman of a magnitude that this world needs so badly. She belongs to the people that make the world worth living in. And soon she will be gone......... *cries her heart out*
The fact that i don't want her to go (nor do my sisters of course) does not seem to matter.

Anyway, anyone who wants to say goodbye to this greatest of great persons, should be adviced to do so very, very soon. Since she is tired and very weak i do have a request. Please do NOT IM her when you see her online. Instead send her a notecard telling her how much you care and how much you love her. She will read those and if she has the strength, she will contact you. Thanks for understanding. Of course you all can contact me. After all i am her wife and therefore part of her.

The picture shows us on some rocks my Life gave to me as a present; it has a lovely, sweet, girly, animation and we were sitting there the night before i had to go on my holiday.
Since my Life has left not much time, i wasn't all that happy to go, honestly.