The end of an era .....

This afternoon my landlady said "the end of an era". She was right. Almost two years ago now my wife, Annemie, died and since that day a lot has changed; unfortunately not for the better. Things haven't gone the way She wished them to go and having to leave Ozland is putting a final end to the Annemarie Niekerk era.

My tier ends the last day of this month and i had planned to take away all my stuff from my three islands on that day; the upcoming week is a pretty busy one in RL though, being in its own way the end of an era (my friends know what that means). Since i didn't want to take my stuff into my inventory just like that, but in an orderly way i did so today, leaving my Ozland sim empty and deserted; the way i felt overlooking the place when the work was done.

The big Life @ Niekerk island with the smaller one in the background

The Annemarie Niekerk Memorial Grounds in Ozland East

I created two groups in the past, one for the Annemarie Niekerk Memorial Grounds for everyone who wanted to memorize her and "Life @ Niekerk", named this way by Annemie (being a tribute to this Grande Dame). Since both groups have become superfluous i sent out groupnotes letting the members know they were to be ejected so the groups will vanish in a few days.

The end of an era .....

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