Another step into the future?

Some two weeks ago i told you about the major changes my homeland Ozland will be going through. Since that last groupnote announcing the "earthquake" no more offical announcements have been sent out.

Of course i had contact with my landlady, although very little; she gave me the impression she already had accepted me leaving Ozland, which in fact was far from sure. I did explore other options and i did find an attractive one: my own homestead, that i could buy for zero lindens with about the same tier as i pay in Ozland.
Not bad at all, but my first and desired option was to stay in Ozland; in Ozland North to be precise. So i waited for a new proposal, but time passed and i did not hear anything. On the other hand, the number of available free sims decreased rapidly causing me running out of time. So, one day when almost all free sims were sold i felt forced to make a decission and since i had not heard from my landlady i went ahead and bought my own sim.

My new sim, called Anneland

A day or two later my landlady made me a new offer, telling me it was more or less depending on me if she would keep 3 or 4 full sims in Ozland. Unfortunately it did not show how much she wanted me to stay in Ozland. She apparently had not been able to do something with my earlier remarks. I told her again i wanted to live in Ozland North for the obvious reasons.
As i was disappointed about her new proposal i told her i had bought my own place already, but that i might buy a small plot in future in Ozland North if something would come available.
Secretly i hoped she would cook up some new proposal meeting my needs. I still love living in Ozland and i can move back easily, since i did not pay one single L$ for my land.
To make a long story not longer then it is already: i have my own sim and the way it looks now i will be leaving Ozland.
And Ozland...? i don't know since we did not get any new official announcements. Will it be 3 or 4 full sims? What day will the transformation take place? How will the transformation look like? Which location will which current sim get?

The new Ozland of four
As far as has been told me (in case of 4 full sims) the current NE will become the new North sim, SW will become West, Main will become South or East and the current four homesteads are being traded in for the fourth full sim (S or E). In the middle of this cross there will be an open sim providing the residents with a "Central Park".

The new Ozland of three

When there will be only three full sims, Ozland will be shaped like a standing triangle. In that case the current NE sim will become NW, the current main and SW sim stay where they are. The space of the current West sim (which will become empty, since the four homesteads will disappear) will be filled up with a open sim, again providing a Central Park.

All being said we will be leaving Ozland in about a week with sadness in our hearts, forced by circumstances. Leaving the land where my beloved wife Annemarie Niekerk was so happy untill her last moments, where our little girl was born.
So, in a way, i do hope Ozland will exist of only three sims so no one else will be living on Her grounds; leaving Annemaries Ozland hurts .....

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