blæææææ ......

Last night one of my best friends in SL told me (teasingly) that i was lazy not having posted for quite some time now.
She herself shows long non-posting periods in her blog though (sticks out her tongue); noooo that is not being bratty just setting the facts straight.

There are reasons i did not post; for starters i had and still have to face serious RL issues. And because of them i haven't been online very much and when i was, i mostly was on very briefly to answer  the very few IMs i get or pay my tier. So nothing to post about.

Some things did happen though and may be, just may be, i will post about some aspects of them in future blogs since in my perception they do represent some of the negative sides of peoples behavior in SL in general.

Anyway the upcoming weeks my sis and best friend Tasja will be on holidays and with Amanda leaving on monday only to return midst of December ........

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