I am leaving SL

I thank the very few people, that made it worth to be there. I am sorry your friendship wasn't enough to stay. I wish you all the best.

To the others that knew me i would say: i am stepping out! congrats!
Forgive me for being bitter since that is what i am. I will not wish you the same as you did to me; i do not want to be like you. Bye!


Amanda said...

I am heartbroken.
Love you lizzie!

Tasja said...

It's no fun without you....
You know what i mean lizzie. I feel sorry you leave, you will be missed. I do hope to see you again some day, it was a priviledge being youre friend. Wish you and M all the best in love health and all good things live has to offer.
Love you lizzie.
/me snifs and waves goodbye