A first step into the future

About a month ago i said that the new Second Life had to wait due to my RL. Now i can tell you, that i have set a first step into that new future.
I am not sure, that this is happening now despite of my RL or because of it. No, i am not going to tell you what is going on RL; i only told my friends. By that i do not mean the people that are in my friendslist as i have come to regard that list more and more as a contactlist rather then a list of friends. If it really was a list of friends mine would be almost empty, which is not so. I do expect it to grow smaller though somewhere in the future.

My Second Life the last (almost) two years: sans famille (Hector Malot)

Anyway, the first step ... Some time, like two years, ago i wrote how i bought an island for my beloved wife Annemie in Ozland East. Together we worked it and decorated it in such a way that it breathes Her presence. I think She and i did a good job since this really was the one place She felt at home. Not on the lighthouse-island, not on the garden-island in Ozland North, nor anywhere else in the Second Life grid: the Annemarie Niekerk Memorial Grounds is what She really loved, where She really wanted to be.

At some point the idea arose to move the Memorial Grounds to Ozland North, to the location of the lighthouse. I had figured out, that it should be possible to transfer the Memorial Grounds from Ozland East to North; so a few days ago when talking to the Queen of Ozland i asked her if my idea could be realized. She told me "yes" and we discussed how to proceed. 
I want it to be the exact same way as it is now in East to preserve the atmosphere. This means, that the North-island has to be re-shaped.
I had to empty the island and create some (prim)room to make it possible for the Memorial Grounds to be transferred. In order to be able to do the modifications Llola has reclaimed the part of my land that was the northern island. As you can see in the picture below she has began the work and i hope the new Memorial Grounds will be ready real soon.

Megaprims under water indicating the new shape of the island