Just being a gentle, kind, respectful ….

The other day, being in some D/s place, perving profiles, i read the profile of a Domme. She had put in some wisdom of (Second) Life in the pickssection of Her profile. They sounded very familiar and triggered a memory of a recent encounter i had myself. I'd like to share that with you. I promise, this will not be the start of a "rantingtour" on SL; it's just that this struck me.

Some time ago i met this Lady, a lesbian Mistress. She seemed nice enough and since i am quite some time on my own in SL it was appealing to spend time with Her. So i did look Her up, in public places of course, and we had a few nice chats.
Soon however she started coming on to me, something i am not into. I am an owned girl and those activities belong exclusively to Mistress. Since i am well educated i pointed this out in a subtle, polite way (not at all being bratty like Mija!).
May be i was too subtle, making myself not clear enough. But i doubt that, since we talked about it and She invited me to explain my views and feelings on this matter. She "understood", She even complimented me on my views; but, somehow, that did not stop Her coming on to me over and over again. May be She figured, that if She would press long enough, hard enough i would give in. Which, of course, i did not.
I told Her "no" over and over again until one morning when, on logging in, i checked my friendslist for online friends and found She had dissolved our "friendship".
Without a word ….
Because She could not get into my panties ….

This is how Her profile starts:  Just being a gentle, kind, respectful ….