East of Ozland

Several weeks ago i told you that the Annemarie Niekerk Memorial Grounds were relocated to one of my islands in Ozland North. This left my island in Ozland East empty and open for new ideas. 
I talked about it with my Owner and W/we came up with a few concepts; two of which remained, an asian/ japanese or a roman atmosphere. I visited shops and sims that offered both themes and in the end W/we decided the asian theme offered the best opportunities, also given the limited size of the island. So i started working and shopping and, and, and.....
After some time of working it now looks like this. May be the nicest is, that everything on the sim is made by me, except for a very few things like the birds, trees and the sampan.

Besides all this i have started creating tattoos/ brandings. I have made tattoos for myself and it is nice to do, so i looked if i could do more. Of course there are lots of tattoo-creators in SL, but in most cases you can only buy what they offer in their vendors.
The tattoos i will put up in a vendor can be bought of course, but serve mainly as example. I want to make customized tattoos or brandings. Customized could mean a tattoo that is in my vendor but on a different bodypart or a different colour or may be modified to ones liking; it also could mean someone has an idea (picture) for a tattoo or branding and have me do that.
At the moment i am working hard to get the example-pictures ready to show in my little shop in the skyvillage in Ozland.