Earthquake in Ozland

Last night i received a groupnote about major changes in my homeland, Ozland.
For you who don't know Ozland let me say a few words to picture it. Ozland is a group of 7 sims, three full sims and four homestead sims. Two full sims were added last, first South-West  and later North-East.
The sims North, West, South and East are homesteads with the main sim (also a full sim) in the centre.
Ozland is known for its homesteads …. several lovely islands on each sim with lots of water, very green, open spaces and peaceful. Understandably the full sims have a different atmosphere: on the same 65.536 sqm there are 15.000 prims to be divided amongst residents. They obviously do cost more, so there is more land to be sold. They are less green, less open spaced, more crowded, still with quite some water though.
Because of the mixture and location of the 7 sims Ozland is a great place to live.

Ozland as it was untill yesterday; the yellow spots are land for sale

The land- and housingmarket did not only collapse in RL, but also in SL. Besides that Linden appears to act as competition to their own residents. Not only to landowners, who's business it is to rent out land, but also to residents who create content, more specifically houses.
In short.. here is a real economic crisis in SL. You can hear shopowners complain about decreased turnovers, you can look at landprices, even with the biggest landowning companies; you can "buy" land for free, so at least they do not have to pay the tier themselves.

Ozland has been effected by this as well. Many residents left for various reasons. This made it necessary now to downsize Ozland. The four homestead sims will be traded in for one full sim, which leaves Ozland as a group of four full sims. They will be relocated to N, W, S and E with in their midst an open sim which offers a green landscape. This way each residential sim has maximum free space around. It seems a good Plan B (Plan A of course was finding new residents), but without any doubt the wellknown and widely appreciated Ozland atmosphere will disappear.

Since i own (all together) a complete homestead my land is going to disappear, which raises the question "what do i do now?". I don't need to leave, i don't want to leave, i do want to stay and support my landlady. On the other hand i need to be fair to myself too. I can accept some disadvantage that comes with staying if that helps Ozland, but i cannot close my eyes for the advantages of owning my own sim.

What is it going to be?
For now all options are open and i am talking to my landlady about my options in Ozland. That is where my focus lies at the moment. If that does not lead to an acceptable solution i will have to weigh my other options. I am not in a hurry, but since the new Ozland should be established by the end of May we all will know soon where we stand. I'll keep you all posted….